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Owning My Blackness Consulting works with educators to help reduce systematic racism in education.


Speaking Events

Briaunna Embrey-Banks will present "I Never Said It Was A Protest: Student-Led Racial Justice". In this presentation She will tell the story of how she took a single event and turned it into a multi-institution organization and a business.   in three years.

In this Presentation participants can expect to learn about the current crisis with Black students in education. Participants will also learn how to leverage their own privileges and how to be an ally and a D&I champion.  (Intended for High School and Higher Education Students and Professionals) 



Owning My Blackness Consulting will work with your educational institution to help identify issues in diversity, equity, and inclusion as it applies to race.  Owning My Blackness Consulting will conduct an environmental survey with students and staff to identify the issues that directly apply to your institution. After the survey is complete, Owning My Blackness Consulting will review the findings with your institution and create a customized plan with how to proceed with addressing these issues. 



Participants can expect to learn about the crisis against Black students in education. They will also learn and have an opportunity to practice how to handle  issues as it relates to race at their institutions. Additionally, they will learn how to use their privilege to be an ally to their students.

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