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Picture of Briaunna Embrey-Banks, CEO of Owning My Blackness holding textbooks and wearing OMB Sweatshirt.


Owning My Blackness Consulting is a new branch of the organization Owning My Blackness that works to educate, advocate, and elevate black students through a mentoring program. Owning My Blackness Consulting works with educators to reduce systematic racism in K-12 and higher education through diversity trainings, rewriting of policies, and speaking events addressing these issues.   

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Meet Briaunna Embrey-Banks

Embrey-Banks is an entrepreneur and activist for black rights.  She is the Founder of Owning My Blackness and has worked with multiple schools in both higher education and K-12. Embrey-Banks is a double regional award winner as the 2023 Mid-Atlantic Association of College and University Housing Officers' Annual Conference Best Presentation by a New Professional Award Winner as well as the 2021 Mid-Atlantic Association of College and University Housing Officers' Commitment to Social Justice Award Recipient. 

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What’s Being Said

First impression based on age, the amount of knowledge on humanity needs widely contributes to further understanding the struggles of people of color, it is even inspiring from someone with my experience to hear someone give insight and ideas to solutions

Cynthia Doston

Briaunna is one of the hardest working people I've grown to know. She's very strong minded and attentive. She's always striving towards benefiting others than herself. She's truly an amazing person & leader.

Candace Spruill

Briaunna's organization, content knowledge is supported by research, experience, and instead by being deferred by it she has found a way to turn it into something positive. 

Cynthia Dotson


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


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